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Subject: NetHack : Falcon's Eye

NetHack, the mere mention of this game brings back memories for many people. Surprisingly enough this game still continues to be developed. The graphically enhanced version of NetHack, NetHack: Falcon's Eye for Linux is now also available. There's still continuing support for Win32 systems as well. Here's the info as posted on the Falcon's Eye homepage:

NetHack is one of the oldest computer role-playing games still played and developed. The latest version of the game, NetHack 3.3.1, was released in August 2000.
Some players may dislike the game's character-based graphics. Newer versions of NetHack feature tile-based, somewhat prettier graphics, but I decided to go even further. Thus, I decided to create a new, graphics-intensive look for NetHack.

Falcon's Eye is a mouse-driven interface for NetHack that enhances the visuals, audio and accessibility of the game, yet retains all the original gameplay and game features. Take a look at some screenshots.
Check it out today.

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