Kodak vs Microsoft

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Subject: Kodak vs Microsoft

For those of you still in the dissolutioned state that Microsoft isn't acting like a monopoly, this Wall Street Journal article (reprinted at ZDNet) ought to be required reading. It's the story of Kodak's cooperation with Microsoft on developing a standard for making digital cameras talk to computers, and how Microsoft repaid Kodak for its cooperation. It's a new variation on what is now a very old theme:

Kodak's story offers a snapshot of a now-familiar tale in the software business. Despite the government's antitrust case against Microsoft, which was partly upheld and partly reversed by a U.S. Court of Appeals last week, the software giant continues to use its monopoly operating-system software as a lever to pry its way into new businesses.
I more than understand about a company having to invent new ways to broaden it's horizon, but too much time is wasted on stuff like this, they should worry more about O/S stability and speed. Microsoft seems to be growing the mentality that they need to develop everything for everybody, what features they see fit are what you get.

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