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Subject: Deus Ex 2 Preview

PC.ign has posted a preview of Deus Ex 2 (ION Storm Austin), the Unreal Warfare-engined sequel to Deus Ex. Included in the article they list a couple of game level shots as well as some concept art to the game. Read on:

The game will use the Unreal Warfare technology. Epic's code was also the basis of the first game. The designers and programmers (most of whom are Deus Ex alumnae) are already familiar with how the previous Epic engine works. Making the leap to the new technology obviously requires an adjustment -- even more so considering how heavily the developers have modified the code already to include significant lighting and AI improvements -- but the team is confident that the actual production of the game will benefit from the team's familiarity with the engine. The use of the versatile new Unreal engine is also a further concession to the game's proposed cross-platform development.

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