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Now that everybody knows Max Payne has gone gold, what do you do in the meantime until it hits the shelves? How about an interview with 3DRealms' Scott Miller, thanks to the guys over at Voodoo Extreme. They cover the possibility of an add-on for Payne, what the atmosphere at 3DRealms is like, now that Payne is finished, and just about everything else we could come up with in regards to the big Payne gold news from yesterday. Here's a tad from the Interview:

Voodoo Extreme -- Early reports are that Max Payne is around a 12 hour game, which for today's market seems fairly average (NOLF took me 16 hours to win, Elite Force took 6, etc.) how much replay value does the game have, and do you think that 12 hours is really long enough to satisfy people?

Scott Miller -- For most players Max will be 12-20 hours, depending on their skill level. But, even if this sounds short to someone, these are high-quality hours, because the game is rich in detail and interactivity. Plus, there are secrets that will only be discovered by being very thorough and keen-eyed.

Once the game has been completed, a new, more difficult skill level is made available, plus something even more exciting: A mode we call, New York Minute. In this mode itís a race against time because each level starts with a countdown timer of one minute, with an extra eight seconds earned per killed thug. Thereís no time to think in this modeĖitís all instinct, and itís the most tense gameplay Iíve experienced in a long time, probably since DOOM.

Finally, with all the tools Remedy is releasing (their entire set, including their breakthru-easy level editor, particle effects editor, character editor, and several more) weíre expecting new mods and levels available soon. In fact, to get the ball rolling, Remedy will release a few mods of their own soon after release.
Pure sweetness.

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