Robot Wars

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Subject: Robot Wars

You knew it had to happen soon or later, there's news out that Climax and BBC Multimediawill be teaming up to create a PC & PS2 version of the game based on the popular BBC television show, Robot Wars. The game is told to feature:

  • A wide array of pre-defined robots modelled on those featured in the TV series, including Chaos 2, Big Cheese and Panic Attack.
  • The famous, ludicrously over-armed house robots - Shunt, Dead Metal, Matilda, Sergeant Bash and Sir Killalot.
    The ability to build your own robots: you can specify the basic design, size and weight and the type of weapon carried - flippers, spikes, flame throwers, hammers, crushers, saws, axes and many more!
  • Multiple gaming modes including Sumo, Slalom, Gauntlet plus the ultimate knockout competition - can you become Robot Wars champion?
  • Look for the title somewhere in November.

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