The Sims Online Interview

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Subject: The Sims Online Interview

Sim Network Gaming has posted an interview with Maxis' Jenna Chalmers regarding The Sims Online. Here's a snip:

SNG The launch of TheSims Online will likely create a gigantic internet community of users of TheSims to interact and showcase their architectural talents. What controls will be in place to moderate the community, allowing it to be suitable for all ages of players?

Jenna The focus of TheSims Online is to allow players to control their one experience, not necessarily to make it suitable for all ages [TheSims is currently rated T for Teen]. One example of this, players will have ability to remove some or all player-created content from what they experience [Maxis-created content is substituted]. Additionally, players will be able to report to EA about anything that breaks our Terms of Service and EA will take the appropriate measures [e.g., removing the offending content].

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