Max Payne And Win2K/ XP

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Subject: Max Payne And Win2K/ XP

These days, there's quite a few of you who run Win2K on your machine (and for some others like me, XP) and are curious as to what games will run under your O/S. According to this post over at the 3DRealms forums Max Payne shouldn't be an issue, according to Remedy's Sami V.:

Max runs happily on Windows 2000 and Windows XP and even supports the XP's "Switch User while leaving all your software open" features (unofficially since XP isn't out yet).

While on the subject, the game has an option to enable/disable task switching (Alt-Tab, Ctrl-Esc etc). It's disabled by default. Mod makers etc probably want to run the game in a window while taskswitching to check documentation etc, but a lot of end-users were accidentally pressing Alt-Tab and ended up on the desktop. Duh.
Nice that they actually make Alt-Tabin' an option, beats having to pull the Window key off your keyboard at Gameday!

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