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The gents over at EGO Maniacs have posted their interview with with Dean Carter of Big Blue Box discusssing the development of their Xbox RPG, Project EGO. Here's a snip:

Black and White was a game that promised us the ability of total freedom; while it was a close shot, there were a few things we were not able to do. Project Ego has promised us the same thing. How close to total freedom will this game be? (i.e. Will you be able to interact with any and all objects; will you be able to trip innocent children walking down the street?)

Nope. You won't be able to trip children as you walk down the street. You will be able to slap them. You won't be able to slash a feather pillow and make a nest of feathers and do chicken impressions. You will be able to poison a well and make everyone sick. However much a game claims to allow 'total' freedom, developers have to program things and draw things and animate things. All we can do is allow the player to do everything we can think of that could be considered fun with those 'building blocks'. We're not going to allow the player to move every single finger of the hero individually with a bunch of joystick combos, or stick a leg out so it trips a kid due to our brilliant physics system. That's moving very much toward the Trespasser end of the dev-model. Bad. Ego is going to allow people to do more than they could imagine, but nothing is infinite.
While you're over there, be sure to check out some of the game screenshots. Looks to be one sweet RPG, I hope they port to the PC or PS2.
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