Preview of The Underworld : Crime Does Pay

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Subject: Preview of The Underworld : Crime Does Pay

Computer Games Online has posted up a first look at The Underworld: Crime Does Pay, the upcoming title from Phoenix Entertainment. The game boasts a mix of the best features of a RTS game, a FPS, and an RPG all rolled up into the ultimate gaming experience. Here's a snip:

Set in The City, a hypothetical modern metropolis, Underworld puts you in charge of an organized crime syndicate. On a strategic level, using an aerial view of The City, you position your henchmen, run your criminal activities, and monitor the actions of the police and your competitors. At any time, you can jump into the body of a henchman and take over yourself. At that point the game transitions to a first-person shooter-style presentation, where you can duke it out with rival thugs and take more direct control of your actions.
Looking for more info? Head on over to the game's official web site which includes more info as well as some screenshots.
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