DivX 4.0 Beta2

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: DivX 4.0 Beta2

For those of you who need it, DivX v4.0 Beta2 (the last release on 7/19 was Beta1)has been released. What's new for the new beta? Well, here's a listing of bugs they've squashed:

  • DivX DirectShow filter was not working on Windows NT 4.0
  • Encoding was broken at very high bitrates. You would receive a scrambled picture if you tried to encode either in quality-based VBR at quality level >=95% or in two-pass VBR at bitrates roughly higher than 1500-2000 kbps
  • Decoder was crashing in some cases on Pentium II/Celeron machines (a few SSE instructions were accidentally put into MMX YUV->RGB conversion routines)
  • Decoder was crashing with postprocessing level 6 or 7 and 16*N < height <= 16*N+8
  • Fixed one obscure DivX 3.x decoder incompatibility issue
  • DivX decoder filter was crashing when used by BSPlayer
  • There was a parameter in encoder settings called "crispness" in configuration dialog and "frame dropping" in help file. It caused a lot of confusion
  • The help file section on postprocessing contained two similar paragraphs, written slightly differently
  • The Codec's "About" dialog box showed an unreadable character after the word "DivX." On machines with Russian installed, it is a "™" sign, but many machines don't have Russian fonts :-)
  • Added brightness, contrast and saturation sliders
  • Encoder now stores its settings in the registry

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