World War II Online : Patch v1.21

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Subject: World War II Online : Patch v1.21

News:'s Chris Sherland hit the World War II Online forums today with a list of things they are currently working on that will be fixed/updated in the 1.21 patch. Here's a list:

-Fixed a "side-switch at despawn" bug that allowed you spawn as a French soldier, for example, at a facility that changes to German ownership before you despawn. You were able to select a German vehicle as a French soldier when you respawn in this example, and also chat to the Germans while you were French.

-Added a pop-up message to inform players when their base has been captured. This message displays when you shift esc back to your spawn origin IF that facility has been captured.

-Added code to prevent infantry from riding enemy vehicles.
More complete data can be found at the official site, so hit the link above for the dirty little details.

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