Anarchy Online : A New Dimension

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Subject: Anarchy Online : A New Dimension

FunCom, the company behind Anarchy Online, has announced that the 2nd Dimension is now up and online. Here's the info:

The second dimension of Anarchy Online is now online and playable. When you start up the client you will be able to choose what dimension you want to play on. This dimension was brought up due to the amount of people wanting to play Anarchy. We saw that we were not able to handle everyone on one server and had to expand the world.

Rubi-Ka 2 is an exact replica of the world you know as Rubi-Ka. It contains the same playfields and the same NPC's. The only difference is that players are able to choose from two different dimensions when logging on. If you are new to Anarchy Online, we suggest that you start to create your characters on the Rubi-Ka 2 dimension, as the load here is not as big as on Rubi-Ka 1. As we speak, you have to have different characters on each dimension, but later there will be an opportunity to travel between the current dimensions.

Funcom will continue to support a total of eight characters per account accross all dimensions.

We hope that you enjoy this new dimension.

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