Project Entropia Beta Signup

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Subject: Project Entropia Beta Signup

The official site for Project Entropia has posted news that they are now accepting applications to Beta Test this upcoming MMORPG. Word:

We have now started to accept applications from players interested in being part of the beta tests of Project Entropia. We will split the beta test into a number of stages, but it's only necessary to apply once since we'll save all applications and use them when we select the participants for each stage. So, if you're not chosen for the first beta test, don't worry. You'll have more chances further down the long road of Beta tests.

We will notify those who are selected by e-mail, so it is very important that you provide a valid e-mail address.

We also ask you to fill out this application form as accurately as possible to help us select testers with a full range of computer systems and Internet connections.
With such a vast array of MMORPG coming out in the near future, what better way to helpdecide which ones you'll end up playing than give 'em a spin now.

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