Raven Programmer Mike Grummelt On Max Payne

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Subject: Raven Programmer Mike Grummelt On Max Payne

Raven Software's Jedi Knight II programmer Mike Grummelt updated his .plan with his take on Max Payne (possible payback for George Broussard's Elite Force review). Here's a snip:

...AI seems 100% scripted and iffy-looking (seem to have trouble navigating sometimes and shoot each other in the back, all the enemies are essentially the same, just a few different weapons, different models/skins), the texture detail on the world isn't as amazing as I expected it to be on my GeForce3... then there's little things like the fact that you can't jump straight up and shoot... you can't crouch-walk or slow-mo dive under (or over) things... can't destroy a lot of things that you'd expect to be able to destroy, levels are almost 100% linear (again, not something that bothers me), no water of any kind, no curves, no multiplayer of any kind (and no promise of a multiplayer upgrade yet) weird clipping issues when you dive (you'd think since you have to do that all the time they'd have tried to fix that), grenade physics seem a little odd... Just seems oddly lacking in features/content for 4 years of development...

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