The Weekly Halo Update

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Subject: The Weekly Halo Update

Battleground Halo is hosting the weekly Halo update this time around where Bungie's PR guy takes us through the development week that was. Here's what's up this round:

  • Bug-fixing, bug-fixing, bug-fixing
  • The Marines are much better about getting out of your line of fire than they used to be, thanks to Chris Butcher
  • We've got tanks working in multiplayer games now
  • Shiek and Bernie got lightning in the game
  • Eric reworked the Banshee and Pelican, tripling their poly counts and adding more detailed textures
  • Marcus is making metal look better and more realistic
  • Chris Hughes added a bunch of marine heads to the game (some of whom look familiar) and tweaked Cortana's face
  • The shotgun is finally coming into its own, and is sublimely satisfying to wield
  • Joseph is working on (his words) "a variety of infinitely cool things that our fans will love that I can say nothing about"

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