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GameSpy has posted a preview of Medal of Honor : Allied Assault, the Quake 3 engined World War 2 era FPS from EA. Here's a snip:

Gameplay, as expected, was exceptional. This is adrenaline-pumping stuff we're talking about here folks. If you think sniping someone with an AWP in Counter-Strike is exciting, nothing beats capping a Nazi from a distance. There's just something to be said about watching a Nazi getting his helmet shot off. In addition, the various death animations are also very well done. Although it wasn't fully incorporated in the build we played, the enemies are going to have locational based injuries. "What this means is if you hit someone in the shoulder from the front, they're going to fall back," explains Hirschmann, "shoot them in the back and they'll fall forward." It was pretty cool to see a Nazi soldier stand up straight and jiggle as he was taking repeated sub-machine gunfire from us. Call us evil yes, but these are Nazis we're talking about.
I can see Counter-Strike getting smacked down real quick when this game comes out - pure sweetness!
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