Dark Age Of Camelot's PvP System

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Subject: Dark Age Of Camelot's PvP System

Camelot Vault has some Dark Age of Camelot info bits dropped off by Mythic's PR person Sanya Thomas who chats about their cool upcoming NetImmerse engined MMORPG. Here are some PvP (that's Player vs Player):

We've taken out a lot of the things that suck about PVP combat. In the past, the player who lost an encounter suffered far more than the victor gained. Dark Age is doing it differently - there's no actual pain when you lose a fight in our game, just a sting in the way of constitution and a nice stroll back to the battlefield (and that only if you choose to do so). The "loser" does not lose anything substantial. Therefore, for the RVR battles to be meaningful, the victor must gain something. Otherwise, you're just playing (insert your favorite FPS here).

We're using realm points. The points are gained primarily for successfully killing another player. Higher level players are worth more points than lower. The more realm points a player has, the more points his death will be worth to his enemies. Having lots of realm points will grant certain rewards, most of which are designed to help command a battle. A guild pooling their realm points can take over an outpost, fly their own flag, and equip their own NPC guards.

I see the concern over the unbalancing potential - a level 50 player with a lot of combat under his belt will have an edge over a 50 who never does any RVR. Guys, it really won't matter. The two players are in the same realm, they're never going to fight each other. And if the guy with no combat time feels the need to get the same rewards, he is free to do so by the same methods that his realmmate used. Opposing realm players is not a rare spawn on a weekly timer. Nothing is stopping you from grabbing some pals and going hunting.
Don't know about you, but I'm kissing EverQuest goodbye forever when this baby comes out.

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