June 21 Event Results

Posters Name: Squirre1
Posters Email: squirre1@mwgl.org
Subject: June 21 Event Results

Sorry that it has taken so long to get these posted. Last event ran good and we had 55+ attendees. I will be getting the pictures posted shortly. Here are the event results with links to the brackets.

UT Bracket:
1st: True Sign Of Death
2nd: fuzzy
3rd: KaiserRoll

Q3 Bracket:
1st: eCe|Thief
2nd: xreal
3rd: =M=PoRky

CS Bracket:
1st: Z?
2nd: KCKrew
3rd: ia

Congratulations to all of the winners and for all the 1st Place people, Bawls has been contacted with your information.


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