Urban Terror Update & Maps Due Friday

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: Urban Terror Update & Maps Due Friday

A new version of Urban Terror for Quake III, Beta 2.3 and the awaited map pack, will be released on Friday August 10th from QuakeCon. Here's a list of the new maps, and you can hit UrbanTerror.net for a new load of screenshots. Added maps include:

ut_alleys by BotKiller
ut_austria by Tub
ut_casa by SweetnutZ
ut_riyadh by dotEXE
ut_rommel by Bar-B-Q
ut_pressurezone by Gerbil!
ut_uptown by BattleCow
ut_village by Tub [updated by Legomanser and NRGizeR]
They also note:
Beta 2.3 does have some code changes, but they are only minor; we removed unnecessary setting of a few cvars on every frame, and we fixed the "bad player movement angle" that some people were reporting. We understand that there are many other issues that were brough to our attention, but the main focus of this release are the map and not code fixes.

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