Return To Castle Wolfenstein Update

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Subject: Return To Castle Wolfenstein Update

Blue's News has word that Activision sent a brief update on progress in the development of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the first-person shooter sequel in the works at Gray Matter and Nerve Software. Here's what they say:

The developers have now reached the testing and polish stage as the game's features are complete. While Gray Matter focuses on polishing the game balance, working on the cinematics and storytelling, and finalizing technical issues like video card compatibility, Nerve Software continues to wrap up the multiplayer portion of the game. The teams have also begun extensive testing.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein will be shown at QuakeCon this week. Attendees will be able to see for themselves just how far along the game is, and they'll even get a glimpse of the multiplayer game at the convention as well.
Hopefully this means we'll be seeing some pics posted of this beauty from those who get to witness it at Quakecon.

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