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Subject: Monopoly Tycoon Preview

Games Domain has posted a in-depth preview of Monopoly Tycoon, a 3D strategy game that takes the popular board game to a whole new level. Here's a snip:

You no longer have to shake the virtual dice to move your boot or hat off Old Kent Road. There is no more going to jail, no more passing Go and certainly no more collecting 200. MT gets rid of all the faff that hinders play on the PC and introduces more of a real-time mentality. But you'll notice the biggest difference is shown in the title: the word "Tycoon" isn't just there to look good. Far from just dealing with land, hotels and the waterworks, you've now got a multitude of businesses to fiddle around with because you're able to build anything from toy stores to shops that sell banjos. Things just got interesting...
As is usual, screenshots are included. Don't know about you, but it looks more like Sim Monopoly or something.
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