Detonator 4 Driver Preview

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Subject: Detonator 4 Driver Preview

Not to be left behind, NVidia has announced that their Detonator 4 series of drivers will be released sometime this week, reporting there will be a increase in performance with them. AnandTech has posted a review of the new drivers as well as a performance benchmark to show you just what you're getting. Here's a snip:

There’s not much to say here other than “Thanks NVIDIA” for the updated drivers. Although the main recipients of the performance increase will be GeForce3 owners (as they very well should be for paying so much for their cards), GeForce2 GTS/Pro/Ultra and MX/200/400 owners will get a small boost as well. You can’t really complain about free performance.
It's also being rumored that the GeForce3 Ultra will be announced this week (hmmm, GeForce3's still sell for $399, this puppy will probably be $499+).
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