Twinking in Dark Age Of Camelot

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Subject: Twinking in Dark Age Of Camelot

Those familiar with online games as EverQuest or Diablo II know the term "twink" quite well. For those who don't know, a twink is a newbie character (in level) decked out with unheard of equipment (ie they have a high level character dumping sweet stuff on new guy). Well, Camelot Vault posted some developer quotes on the matter (Dark Age of Camelot is an upcoming MMORPG from Mythic), here's their take:

on twinking: I do understand how twinking affects people in other games. Some people level up faster, and then the high level game is choked to death before someone playing the game with level appropriate items has a chance to catch up. But I say again: IT DOES NOT MATTER HERE. The high level equipment on a low level will just be a WASTE OF MONEY. It will not provide ANY BENEFIT. The players wearing twink gear will not level ANY FASTER due to wearing spiffed gear. If they level faster, it will be because of the hours they play and how well they know the game, NOT THE TWINKING.

I wish I could talk about storage solutions, some of you will be made happy.

Clarification: the "this doesn't belong to you" feature has nothing to do with twinking, or my personal philosophy of "it doesn't affect you so don't sweat it." It's just to prevent theft and user frustration when you screw up and drop something.
Hmmm, I'm curious how this works, possibly a value setting on equipment that requires a certain level before attributes take effect? Either way, this ain't your fathers EverQuest.

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