Aftermath Of The Dynamix Killing

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Subject: Aftermath Of The Dynamix Killing

Tribal War has uncovered some post-closure details about Dynamix (who stays, who goes, what's next) and it seems that former SWAT producer Rob Fung is now in charge of the Tribes universe, and other SWAT guys are coming in to support the game. Here's more dirt from an anon ex-Dynamix source:

  • Nine devs have stayed on to continue work on the latest patch. While they do get a severance package as mentioned before, they are required to finish this patch to Sierra's satisfaction. According to the source this limits their ability to move on to other projects until possibly October.
  • The new producer for Tribes 2 is Rob Fung. He is also the producer for SWAT and was previously the producer for the Police Quest line of games.
  • The new Tribes 2 dev team will include members of the SWAT team as well as those from Johnny Drama and other lines. Sierra is trying to recruit current Tribes 2 dev team members into the new T2 Dev team; it looks like at least three of the current Tribes 2 dev team members are interested in joining up.
  • Dave Georgeson was one of the members not allowed to return to the building after it was locked & closed.
  • I find it amusing that the folks still working have to "finish this patch to Sierra's satisfaction". Uh, I thought Sierra was the one that forced it out the door knowing there were quite a few graphic bugs left to hammer out (OpenGL support, etc.) in the first place. Anybody wanna buy a copy of Tribes2 REAL cheap?

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