Alternate Fire - Quake3 Update

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Subject: Alternate Fire - Quake3 Update

In the new version of Alternate Fire for Quake III you'll get a new twist along with a needed bug fix. The bug was with the "lightning webs" and that's been fixed as well as the addition of Exploding Ammo Boxes! here's how the new feature works:

  • Ammo boxes all have 110 "health." As soon as this "health" reaches or drops below zero, the box explodes.
  • You may damage an ammo box in any way that you like. Rail it if you need to.
  • Machinegun, shotgun, and rail gun ammunition do up to 75 damage upon the initial explosion. After that, projectiles fire in all directions. They hurt.
  • Lightning gun ammo does up to 75 damage immediately and then creates a 1/2 second electric field that incrementally damages anyone around as well as drawing them in towards the center of it. The closer they get, the more it hurts. I've seen 280 damage altogether from one of these.
  • All other ammunition (grenades, rockets, plasma, BFG plasma) simply blow up in a big way.
  • BFG ammunition can do 300 damage, all the rest do 200.
  • The grenade explosion has a larger radius of damage than the others.
  • Head over today an pick up Alternate Fire 1.0 Beta 3.

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