Unreal II Interview

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Subject: Unreal II Interview

The guys at Action Vault have posted up a newUnreal II interview, talking a bit with Legend Entertainment Designer/Producer on the upcoming Unreal II. Here's a snip:

Action Vault: Have system requirements and recommendations been determined at this point?

Mike Verdu: We're currently developing towards a PIII-500 with any hardware accelerator card that supports T&L (e.g. GeForce I, 2, 3, ATI Radeon, etc.). The game will look fantastic on a high end system, but should be playable on a good mid-range machine. We are still evaluating how to support lower end systems with TNT2 and Voodoo3/4 class cards... Infogrames will make a final determination later this year
Of course screen captures are also included, most you have probably already seen floating around the 'net.
Source: Action Vault (http://actionvault.ign.com/)

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