Madden NFL 2002: Tuesday Release

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Subject: Madden NFL 2002: Tuesday Release

EA Sports has announced that Tuesday (21 Aug 2001) will be the release date of Madden NFL 2002. Here is a quote from Executive Producer Steve Chiang:

It's the complete package. It doesn't matter what platform you get, we have some cool stuff for you. On PSX and N64 we have Madden Classic, which allows you to re-live the 16-bit version of Madden. On PC we have the brand new PS2 engine, which brings all of the momentum-based physics, smooth animation and new gameplay of the PS2, while keeping all of the online features intact. On PS2/Xbox/NGC, we have the best-looking, most complete football product ever, and did I mention the cheerleader cards?
This release for PC will be 3D rendering only (no software rendering). So, it should be more compatible than past versions. With improved Head-to-Head feature, this game should be the best PC NFL experience to date!

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