New DivX 4.0 Codec

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email:
Subject: New DivX 4.0 Codec

The first non-beta coded of the DivX 4.0 Codec has been released. Here's what's new:

  • Removed the last SSE instructions from the YUY2->YV12 MMX conversion function
  • Added sanity checks for log file contents
  • Fixed a problem where the DirectShow filter was not applying brightness/contrast/saturation settings when starting playback
  • Reverted the DirectShow filter overlay operation to 4.0 (beta 2) style due to reports about decreased performance on some computers
  • Fixed a few problems in 2-pass VBR (sorry guys!)
  • Fixed a memory leak at the highest post-processing levels
  • If you'd prefer the full install (includes coded, The Playa, and utilies) head on over here else if you just want the codec only, go here.

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