GameCube Delayed

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Subject: GameCube Delayed

Nintendo's GameCube system is not going to make the launch date, and has been pushed back a couple weeks, which means that its going to follow the Xbox launch later this fall. Here's the blurb:

The Nintendo GameCube has been delayed until November 18th in North America, according to Nintendo's Spaceworld Press Kit. This shocking news comes after the system was announced for a November 5th release date. This places the GameCube about two weeks later than it's original release date as well as two weeks after the launch of Microsoft's Xbox console that hits streets on November 8th.

Nintendo issued a press release after this announcement stating that there will be 700,000 units in stores on launch day with only Luigi's Mansion and Wave Race: Blue Storm being the two first-party titles for you to play at launch. Pikmin will follow a day later with Smash Bros and Eternal Darkness following in December.
I suppose two weeks isn't that bad of a wait for those planning on owning this console.

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