Compaq iPAQ H3650

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Subject: Compaq iPAQ H3650

Palm? Handsprint? iPAQ? With todays technology comes plenty of choices in choosing a PDA/handhelp PC. Neoseeker has posted a review of the Compaq iPAQ H3650, one of Compaq's newest offerings to the handheld market. Here's a sneekpeak:

Well first off I would have to say this is one sexy handheld. I personally love the look, very nice polished silver finish. I would say it pretty much looks like brushed metal but the casing is plastic. My first impressions of the size of the iPAQ was that it was of average size compared to other PDAs like the Palm IIIC and the Handspring Prism but then I found out that it was enclosed in a sleeve so I took that off and instantly the words sexy flashed in my mind.
If Palm could only get a unit as sleek as Compaq's out on the market.
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