Zoo Tycoon Preview

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Subject: Zoo Tycoon Preview

Since I'm in a Preview posting rut, may as well let you know that GamersPulse has posted a preview of Zoo Tycoon being published by Microsoft. Here's a snip:

Who can refuse cute and cuddly Pandas or majestic lions? Microsoft is betting not many and has rolled out Zoo Tycoon (ZT) for the world to see. Based on the success of Roller Coaster Tycoon (RTC) and loosely on the interface, ZT gives you the same freedom to build your own park or complete various scenarios. In Roller Coaster Tycoon, success was dependent on the happiness of the customers; Zoo Tycoon brings a twist to that thought, making the happiness of the animals the chief indicator of success. Happy, playful animals will attract crowds, breed more often and bring more money into your pocket books. Sad animals escape and eat your clientele.
Hmmm, an entire park made up of sad animals would rule, sure nobody would eventually come to the park for fear of being maimed, but the initial bloodbath would be a scream.
Source: GamersPulse (http://www.gamerspulse.com)

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