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Subject: LEGO Racers 2 Preview

Well, going for broke on the Preview posts today. Games Domain has posted up a preview of LEGO Racers 2. OK, so it's a game based on a kids toy, but it still looks pretty swank. Here's a snip:

Lego Games claims the game we've been playing is 95% complete, and there's certainly a lot to explore. In story mode, you traverse five islands based on Lego play themes: Sandy Bay, Adventurers: Dino Island, Arctic, Life on Mars, and Xalax itself. Each race earns you a golden brick, which are used to gain access to the different islands. Easy, eh? And on top of that, each island has an area over which you can roam, to earn bonus bricks, and access to a secret area.
Well, it's no Gran Turismo 3, but it still looks/sounds like it may be an enjoyable game. Shame you can slap some 18" tires on one of those puppies.
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