EverQuest : Stonebrunt Mountains

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Subject: EverQuest : Stonebrunt Mountains

Verant has posted word of the introduction of a new zone, Stonebrunt Mountains. Here's the info, as listed in their press release:

Located on the small continent of Odus, the Stonebrunt Mountains are rich with vegetation and distinctive hills that give way to the towering Mount Klaw; the largest mountain in Odus and home to the Kerran village of Kejeka. The zone of Stonebrunt is designed to be a mid-level, outdoor zone similar in scope and scale to the Lake of Ill Omen on Kunark, which has proven to be a very popular zone in EverQuest. "Stonebrunt marks the fifth free zone we've added to the world of Norrath," states Brad McQuaid, Vice President of Product Development, Sony Online Entertainment. "The commitment by our team to give EverQuest subscribers more uncharted territory to explore is strong and we're very excited to see new faces on the continent of Odus."
Included in the link are 5 screenshots from the new zone. I could have used this last week when I was in that level range.

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