DivX v4.01

Posters Name: Kagato
Posters Email: kagato@mwgl.org
Subject: DivX v4.01

Nothing much to say 'cept there's a new relese of the DivX 4 Codec, bringing it up to v4.01. Grab it if you need it, you know who your are.
*UPDATE* Finally found what's new with this release, enjoy:

  • Fixed more problems with decoding 3.x
  • Incompatibility of codec with Vidomi encoder
  • Incorrect bitrate achieved during capture in '1-pass' mode
    with AVI_IO capture application
  • A few bugs in decoder implementation MPEG-2 inverse
    quantization ( not really used now, but necessary to claim that
    decoder is 100% compliant with MPEG-4 simple profile )
  • Slightly improved accuracy of RGB->YUV MMX/SSE conversions
  • Increased version number ( 4.0 -> 4.01 )
  • Some cleanup in help file, topic 'deinterlacing'
  • most important: hopefully fixed problem with some DivX 3.11
    clips fading to green between keyframes.
  • Word!

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