Counter-Strike 1108 Patch (1.3)

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Subject: Counter-Strike 1108 Patch (1.3)

Valve is supposedly releasing a new patch next week, ver 1108, which will include the long awaited Counter-Strike 1.3! Here's what all the update adds/fixes:

  • Multicast spectator added
  • Voice communication added
  • Added server chat to logging
  • Redesigned multiplayer scoreboard
  • CapsLock key is now bindable
  • Switching to Spectator is now logged
  • Changed minimum value for "mp_chattime" to 1 second
  • Changed minimum value for "mp_buytime" to 0.25 (15 seconds)
  • Radio commands can be heard by nearby enemies

    Bug Fixes:
  • Bunny hopping removed
  • Fixed client-side shots not matching the server-side counterparts
  • Fixed banned.cfg problem with more than 1024 entries
  • Fixed screenshots overwriting each other
  • Buffer overflow exploit fixed
  • "condump", "cmdlist", and "cvarlist" only write out to the game directory
  • Fixed Spectator mode bug
  • Fixed hitbox issues
  • Fixed nightvision bug
  • Fixed "slot10" not working correctly
  • For more ont he multicast info and some screenshots, head over to Voodoo Extreme.

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