Ex-Dynamix Update

Posters Name: Kagato
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Subject: Ex-Dynamix Update

Looks like possible good news for a few of the developers whom Sierra axed..err "downsized" when they closed Dynamix. Studio head Dave Georgeson apparently has gone to work for Verant to work on PlanetSide, and apparently five former designers may be starting up their own company. Here's the word from Blake Hutchins (former Dynamix employee):

- The dev team was exploring the possibility of forming a new company. We were looking at several options, including contracting with Sierra to continue developing Tribes and/or working with publishers like Microsoft or Turbine to develop original material for console. These options are gone. A cadre of five dev team members broke off to form their own company, very likely to use the V12 from Garage Games, though in all honesty I have no idea what their plans are. There were enough key people in that splinter group to shut down all immediate funding options for the team.

- Those of us who are left are exploring the slim possibility of putting together a new team. We still have a considerable amount of talent left, so we'll see what happens.

- Dave Georgeson has accepted an offer to become the Executive Grand Poobah of Planetside. He'd wanted to stay with the dev team, but after the team split, he felt he had no option but to take Verant's offer.

- The remaining dev team members will explore all job offers individually.
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