HP's Bid For Compaq

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Subject: HP's Bid For Compaq

OK, not exactly gaming news, but insight into those of you who prefer namebrand over homebuilt PCs (there are some of them out there aren't there?). In one of the biggest mega-blockbuster deals, HP is going to buy Compaq for a cool $25 billion. Here's what's known:

The deal, one of the largest in technology history, would merge two of the biggest names in computers, printers and computer servers, and would have total revenue only slightly less than IBM, the largest computer company.
Carleton Fiorina, the chairman and chief executive of HP, will become the new company's chairman and CEO, while Compaq's Chairman and CEO Michael Capellas will become president of the new entity. Capellas and four other Compaq board members will join HP's board.
For those of you who have ever dealt with Compaq Reload-And-Call-Back Support (home-users only) this could hopefully bring good things (pfffft, right!).

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