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Great news for those of you who enjoyed, or still are enjoying, Black & White. Gamespy has posted a first look at Black & White: Creatures Island, an upcoming expansion for B&W. Here's a snip:

Creature Isles' plot centers around a group of unmastered creatures (those without Gods) that have met on a distant island and are now vying for the heart of the one female creature. Your job is to make your creature the most promising (successful) potential mate for the female creature and win a place at her side (so to speak). While the shock of sex in a computer game may stun some, as was explained, nature documentaries show it all the time. Peter went on, "You can tell what was on the mind of our designers immediately after they completed Black & White."
Why can I envision some backlash from some of these parental boards that say games are too violent?
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