Motorola - Busting 70GHz?!

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Subject: Motorola - Busting 70GHz?!

In case you've missed it, Motorola unveiled technology that they say can product CPU's that will hit 70GHz soon. Although it's not clear what they define as "soon", I can't imagine seeing Intel/AMD catching up without it. Here's a snip:

These new chips could run at more than 70Ghz, compared with the 2Ghz speed of the best current chips. It has not been possible, until now, to combine silicon with III-V materials such as gallium arsenide and indium phosphide as their crystalline structures did not match up and they could not be successfully bonded. Motorola has discovered a substance that can lie between silicon and the III-V material and fuse the two together.Motorola apparently scooped up over 200 (WOW!) patents on this process alone. Can you imagine if AMD/Intel license such technology? Home PCs will ship standard with liquid nitrogen cooling!

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