Hi'o Silver, Away!

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Subject: Hi'o Silver, Away!

Those of you who play EverQuest and don't have a SoW Class character, you know the trials of peddling one from the neighboorhood Druid. In an odd event that I never thought would happen, there's news that The Shadows of Luclin, Sony's upcoming add-on for Everquest, will let players buy, ride, and fight from horses. All this and some screenshot are posted over at GameSpot. Snip:

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that it will add mounted horses to its popular online role-playing game, EverQuest. The new feature will be included in the upcoming game expansion, EverQuest: The Shadows of Luclin, along with a variety of other additions and improvements. Sony also released a number of new screenshots from the expansion that show off different characters riding and fighting from horses.

Players will be able to purchase a horse from designated locations and then summon their horse using a magical whistle. Characters mounted on horses will be able to travel long distances faster than unmounted characters. In addition, characters will be able to fight while mounted, although specific details about mounted combat have not been revealed.
Finally, an end to having to shell out 100+ plat for a 10dose SoW bottle.

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