Apple Charging for OS X Update

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Subject: Apple Charging for OS X Update

Apple's upcoming update to OS X will fix a number of problems and deficiencies with the original release, like sluggish performance, the absence of DVD support, and some UI problems. That's fine and dandy, so what's the problem? According to Mac Observer, there is word that this update will only be available on CD, and CD upgrades will cost $20 a pop. Apple reportedly says the OS X 10.1 download is too large for users to download, so they're kind of stuck (guess nobody has ever used a Mac on Cable/DSL eh?)

Now we know as much as we despise Microsoft for some of their practices, they would not stoop so low as this, or at least have the common sense to not charge this much (at least until they rule with world with Windows XP and their .Net service). Hmm, $0.30 to press the CD, $5.00 (at most) for packaging, processing, and mailing = $5.30 = $14.70 profit for Apple. Sounds like an easy way for an ailing company to make some quick buckage.
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