Dual Shock lawsuit

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Subject: Dual Shock lawsuit

In case you havenít heard about it yet, apparently Sony and Microsoft have been sued over the use of their controllers. The lawsuit comes from Immersion Corporation. Sony and Microsoft are accused of violating 16 patent claims with their controllers. The lawsuit targets the force feedback or rumble feature of their controllers.

Microsoft apparently dealt with Immersion out of court, and are able to use to force feedback design, but Sony fought the lawsuit. Things took a nasty turn for Sony though as it seems they have lost the latest court decision. Sony of course has appealed, but if they lose Sony will have to make a deal with Immersion or possibly be forced to recall ALL Dual Shock controllers.

The latest report out says the court has ordered Sony to stop all sales of the PS2 in the US. I have not been able to confirm this report, but if this true, it will launch Microsoft into the #1 home console spot, and could end up very nasty in the end for Sony.

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