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I have finally put down my copy of Halo 2 to play some other great titles that have released. No, I am not done playing Halo 2, just taking a much needed break.

I recently bought Time Splitters: Future Perfect. This is a great FPS game that brings speed back to the box. Plenty of maps, weapons and gameplay. There is a map maker so you can build maps and even play them online with friends.

I have two games on preorder; DOOM 3 and Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict. Both these games promise some great multiplayer options. Doom 3 offers only 4 person multiplayer, but includes 2 player coop, which I believe will be a hit amungst gamers. UC2 brings melee to the FPS. At first I thought this would be a waste, but after playing the demo I see there is alot to learn and play. Prepare to practice alot with UC2.

Now for a game that I didn't expect much from, but was pleasantly surprised. If you haven't already done so, go out and spend $20 on Phantom Dust. This game shocked me when I took it online. It's new gamestyle is addictive and vast. First let me say the offline game can be boring at times, but it does allow you to continue to gather credits that can be used to purchase arsenals and skills to use online. To sum it up: the offline game is a very indepth walk-through for online playing. Now, on to multiplayer. You can take this game onto XBOX LIVE and play up to 3 others on some beautiful maps. I'll spare you the gameplay details. One cool point is that you can check the top ten and download a clip from them, check their arsenal out, and then play against that style.

All of these games mentioned are just in time to bail us out of the Halo 2 rut and give us some fresh gameplay. I hope you can check out some or all of these titles. Enjoy!

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