Half Life 2 Mod: Dystopia Demo

Posters Name: Reflex
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Subject: Half Life 2 Mod: Dystopia Demo

Recently, a demo of a mod was released for Half Life 2 called Dystopia. I have been spending much of my free time playing it for the last few days, and I'm very impressed.

Full Story:
Dystopia is a mod set in a cyber-punk universe. The basis of the two teams is punks attacking a team of mercenaries hired by a corperation. The goal of the demo map is for the punks to destroy a glowing core. Seems simple right? Wrong. The punks must hack into cyberspace and run around flipping virtual switches, and avoiding viruses planted by defending hackers, all the while being completely vulnerable back in the real world. You choose your loadout in a system not unlike Tribes 2, with three different weights of armor. Then you choose your weapon and your implants. These range from stealth, to improved athletic ability, to a bomb that makes you explode when you are below twenty health (My favorite). I really think this mod is going to go places, it really looks just fantastic.

Check it out at www.dystopia-game.com.

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