EA Sports Buys Exclusive NFL Rights

Posters Name: WaRMaN
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Subject: EA Sports Buys Exclusive NFL Rights

EA Sports recently struck a deal with the National Football League (NFL) and the Players INC to have exclusive rights to player names, stadium names and pretty much everything else that has to do with the NFL for the next five years. What does this mean for the other football developers? They will not be able to develop football games that have any NFL content. So, the Madden NFL series will be the only NFL football game you will see on game shelves!

Sega and Take Two responded by saying it would not crush them financially, but would stop the integrity of developing a better game each year. Also, the days of ESPN's $19.99 NFL games are over. EA pretty much bought the rights to ensure you pay $50 or more their title. With no competition, will EA Sports put forth the effort to better the game? I can't believe that such a thing has happened, or let happen by all the money hungry parties.

I have stated before how EA sports releases "patches" every year and calls them "games." Madden NFL is not worth $50 every year. EA has shown it's greed before by stating there is more money to take from the gamers and we will take it. I was so happy when EA's President moved on allowing XBOX LIVE fans to enjoy all EA sports titles, but I never saw the buy out from EA, or is it the sell out of the NFL and Players INC? The NFL players are so well taken care of financially that I can't see why it is necessary to cheat videogamers out of a competitive market of NFL games.

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