Save Your Halo 2 Stats

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Subject: Save Your Halo 2 Stats

If you didn't already know, you could head over to to read about the ever popular XBOX title, Halo 2. The site also allows you to check your stats as well as your friend's stats too. Did you know you could save your stats to your own computer and use Microsoft Excel to manipulate the data into lines or charts?

When you are checking out your stats on, look at the top right corner for the "XML" button. That button links you to your stats. Now, go to Samuel Radakovitz' website and download his "Halo 2 RSS Excel Workbook" which just happens to have a new release today. Read his instructions and get way to deep into your stats! It even can tell you what hour you are at your best gaming. This is necessary to know so you can avoid the hours in which you suck. Although his program does not save all your stats, it does save the most important stuff. You will need Microsoft Office 2003 Pro edition with Excel to use the XML feed.

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