World of Warcraft woes

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Subject: World of Warcraft woes

World of Warcraft has breathed new life into the MMORPG genre, few will doubt that. Sadly the game from the guys at Blizzard has been plagued with server issues since day one, with customers complaining of massive server down times and connection problems.

Blizzard’s way of dealing with this so far has been to offer free extensions of trial periods and crediting accounts. It’s seems the problem is worse then first thought though.

Fans have been very vocal as of late over server issues, a popular webcomic by the name of Penny Arcade even managed to stir up some dust recently as they called for World of Warcraft’s 2004 Game of the Year status to be revoked.

Things just aren’t looking good for the guys at Blizzard, and it seems they’re taking another drastic step. Seems Blizzard isn’t releasing any more copies of World of Warcraft to be placed on store shelves or for online order till the server problems can be fixed. A recent trip to the Blizzard online store listed the game as “out of stock”.

“We haven’t requested that any retailers pull the games they already have off their shelves,” Gil Shift, public relations representative, said. “We’re just being careful not to release additional copies to be sold until we feel the game servers can support additional players.”

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