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Subject: Baseball

If youíre a fan of MLB games, two bits of news have popped up in the last few days.

First off, If you havenít heard by now, EA is at it again, this time signing a 15 year deal with ESPN for their sports games, including ESPN MLB. Expect ESPN MLB 2K5 to be the last in the series under the ESPN name.

Donít panic though! If you have any fears of EA trying to muscle the MLB market like it has with the NFL game market, youíve picked the wrong company to watch. Seems Take Two has begun negotiations to get an exclusive deal to the MLB rights.

While it would be nice to see someone else then EA get the deal, is granting exclusive rights to any company right? In my opinion itís going to thin out the market, and give gamers much less choices to sift through. So while the big companies are loving these deals and making big bucks, itís the gamers that will suffer in the end.

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