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Subject: New Site Direction

There have been a number of visitors to our site over the years. They have browsed for information and they have come looking for local LANs. Local LANs use to be a large part of a gamers experience, but times have changed and continue to change for many reasons:

- improved performance of home connectivity, ping times and speed
- new blood to the gaming world, "why tear down my computer when I can play online just as fast?"
- and the explosion of the console world

...the classic gamer as my generation knows it is becoming a myth more and more each day.

While I long to see the days of the 100 person LAN, I do not know if it is a feasible reality.

Now all that being said, I would like to move this website in a different direction. No longer identified as the Mid-West Gaming League, we are shifting to the Mid-West Gamers League. Whereas the MwGL does not perform any "gaming" itself, but is a collection of individuals that are focused on the enjoyment of gaming. Hopefully this note will not come with a lack of action on my part, but I would like to see this site become a hub of information as it once endeavored to be.

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