Katamari Damacy Appreciation

Posters Name: Reflex
Posters Email: reflex@mwgl.org
Subject: Katamari Damacy Appreciation

Katamari Damacy is one of the most innovative and fun games I have played in a long time. Basically the King of the Universe got a little drunk one night and while flying around just happened to knock all of the stars out of the sky. When he comes to, he tasks you, the Prince, with going down to earth (where there's plenty of extra junk) and rolling balls of crap into new stars before night falls and the Queen discovers what happened.

You start off each level really small and have to gradually pick up crap, building up and picking up larger crap until you reach the goal size of each level. Controls are simple and intuitive, using the analog sticks to control the rolling of the ball. Basically, if you can play Virtual On, you can roll a ball of crap around a city.

The game is quite short, unfortunately. There's hidden presents in each level and there's bonus levels which take place on the usual stages but with certain objectives (don't touch any cows!, pick up 50 crabs!, etc), but the main bulk of the game can be bum rushed over a day or three. It's really amazing to start at a size of 1 meter, and slowly work your way up to around half a kilometer tall, picking up bugs and cans at first, and moving to innocent people that are just trying to live their lives (Who seem to be a little upset about being turned into a star), and then houses and skyscrapers.

This was released in the US on the 23rd, and the sequel should be hitting Japan soon, and then us sometime in January or December.

Starting out
Picking up flowers and other small stuff
Cleaned out a soccer field
Big enough to pick up houses and a giant octopus now
It's lonely when you have engulfed the city

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